A young & vibrant team, Universal Mall intends to grow steadily by selling extensive range of products. To start with the focus is on durian readymade products and precious gems.

Musang King Durian

Known as King of fruits, Durian is well-liked by South-east Asians. Fan club of millions of durians, being not just satisfied with its rich flesh and creamy textures, wanted more in the form of ready to eat durian products.

Sensing the need of the durian-lovers, Universal Mall came out with the idea of bringing readymade products to its consumers. Keeping in mind the preference on taste and quality, we have brought the best of all durians, the Musang King readymade products to our consumers.

A black-market gold, Musang King Durian is the most sought-after of all durian varieties, a delicious fruit that is pricey as well.

We are proud to roll-out Musang King Durian based products to our consumers in South East Asia and in HongKong region through our portal and distributors.

Precious Gems

If you are looking for splurge-worthy OR everyday usage of gem products, then you have landed in the right portal. Our exclusive range of gem products is for common man to most exotic investment products that will ensemble your wardrobe.

Our range of products includes the mid to high range of precious gems mostly imported from countries with International standards.

Other Products

Though our focus is primarily on Durian and Precious gems currently, we’ve plans to expand our product offerings from various industries such as food & beverage, cosmetics & apparels, beauty & skincare.